2 coasts ... 1 HOPE

On January 6th 2009, I will be flying out to LA and walking back to Boston, raising money for cancer research. The route I'm taking should take 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. We will be filming the entire trip for an upcoming documentary.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Breaking up the band.

So today was the last day that the crew was going to be following me around. We headed out and this was the view for the day.

After a few hours of walking I ran into them waiting to film and we decided that we would call it an early day. We figured this would be best so I could get everything that I need together. So at 11ish I climbed into the van for the last time after walking. This is what shoes look like after 175+ miles walking.

We got back to the hotel and I started packing. Man I have a lot of stuff (I feel) but I don't want to be caught off guard. I always over-pack.

Here is (possibly) my last blurb about BJ for a little while. He finished his walk last night in Boston. Check it out. BJ finishing

I want to take a few moments to thank the crew that has followed and watched me walk for 11 days.

Steve: What a way to get to know someone, two weeks in a van or a hotel room. Thanks for all the help filming and all the stills you shot. And the quick lesson on uploading those photos (I'll get to them, haha)

Eric: It seems like we had a million 3 hour meetings at the "Bean" about this before it finally happened. Thanks for following me around for two weeks with a camera and a vision. And thanks in advance for all the work that is going to come from here on out. I hope you remember how to make sandwiches.

Carl: What can I say here...you're my brother and my best friend. I wouldn't have wanted this "doc" in the hands of anyone else. I know you are going to make a film that we are going to be proud of. Another adventure, thanks for being there as I started this epic trip.

Tomorrow I start out on a three day walk without a town. I also have 10 days to make it Phoenix to meet up with my sister. She is flying out to walk with me for a couple days. So the next few blogs will be via BlackBerry, depending on service.

Day 11 total: 10
Jesse Walks America total: 178.4
Poll total: 74.4


Moe said...

You're never alone.

Debra said...

your doing great just remember you have people that support you

MUM said...

You are never alone.. Moe is right. You have "SPOT", can't you feel all the eyes that are watching you? There are bunches of them!
Love Ya,

Steven said...

good luck on walking solo. soak it ALL in. if you need any help,info, or just a familiar voice to hear (im sure there are many people you can call) but i to am one of them. be safe on the solo road. take care...