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On January 6th 2009, I will be flying out to LA and walking back to Boston, raising money for cancer research. The route I'm taking should take 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. We will be filming the entire trip for an upcoming documentary.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The walk heard 'round the world

The alarm went off and I started trying to figure out what I would be carrying today. I was not going to be pushing the Switchback Hybrid for the first time in at least a week. This is a little more difficult then you would think. Water, snacks, camera, Ipod....wait no Ipod, should spend time talking to my sister. Yes, that's right I was going to have company for the day (tomorrow too). We both packed up our CamelBak packs and headed out. On the road at 8:30 heading towards this mountain

We thought we were making amazing time because my pedometer was saying we were. Yeah well, it was some how set on kilometers and not miles.

We walked to were the Arizona Renaissance Festival is held and where Kelly was. All of Kristin's friends came out to greet us and cheer for what we were doing. I spent a little while talking about routes and reasons before we decided it was best to call it a day.
What I think about when I think about renaissance festivals..

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

It ended up being a little short of where I thought we would stop. Better to stop early today and be able to walk again tomorrow. Kristin did really good, she was able to keep up with my pace without any problems. Of course she got blisters on both feet and we'll have to see how she's feeling tomorrow.

I've been informed that Jesse Walks America has gone trans-Atlantic, the chair recognizes...Norway. Thanks and welcome to the party.

Day 24 total: 13
Jesse Walks America: 424.8


MUM said...

What a nice article by Seth at Trek Light Gear.
Hope you and Kristin are having a good visit.
Amelia announced to the clerks at Stop & Shop that Uncle Jesse is walking America and so is her Mama!
Who says 3 year olds don't listen.

Steven said...

good job kristin !! total world recognition to follow.... boa noite. ciaƵ