2 coasts ... 1 HOPE

On January 6th 2009, I will be flying out to LA and walking back to Boston, raising money for cancer research. The route I'm taking should take 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. We will be filming the entire trip for an upcoming documentary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's not easy BEAN GREEN

I walked 22.2 miles today, 11.1 before work and 11.1 after. It's a good thing Kelly works so far away that I can set a destination and have something to look forward to when I get there. I feel good about the whole walk, nothing REALLY hurts. My right knee is bothering me a little, but Dr. Moore should fix that on Friday.

Friday is my last day at the GREEN BEAN. I'd like to give a quick thanks to Jeff for giving me a job when I needed one, even knowing I was leaving. If you live in the New Bedford area and haven't gone to "the Bean", go, it's good. And definitely check out the new pizza spot, three doors down on Union St., BRICK (also owned by Jeff). It is amazing. Also a thanks to Nicole, Eric, and the rest of the "BEAN" staff (Melissa, Morgan, Alex, Emily and Karen where ever you are) for all your support.

27 days till we leave. 29 days till we walk.

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Steven said...

sounds like some good training (or practice) walks lately. any hook up on shoes yet?? HYL rpznt!