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On January 6th 2009, I will be flying out to LA and walking back to Boston, raising money for cancer research. The route I'm taking should take 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. We will be filming the entire trip for an upcoming documentary.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Helping hands from everywhere

Woke up after sunrise today, figured I'd sleep in since I'm ahead of schedule. I went down to the lobby and had some breakfast, then went to get packing. I got a move on around 9:45 from the Super 8. I want to thank the manager for her generosity and hospitality. Unfortunately she is another person I've met who has a loved one battling cancer. Tell them to keep fighting the fight and LIVESTRONG.

On the way through Safford I noticed the office for one of the local papers, the Eastern Arizona Courier. So because I'm trying to talk to more people, I stopped in. I spoke to the Managing Editor, Aimee Staten, and she took down my information and took a quick photo. In the next few days there may be a story, I'll keep you all posted.

Once I got out of the city limits I snapped this picture of this beautiful mountain

In the desert again, I was just going along thinking where am I gonna sleep tonight. I passed a sign saying that the next town, Duncan, was 32 miles and Lordsburg (a future destination) was 66. Knowing I would have to walk into the night if I was hoping to reach Duncan, I just kept an eye on cell service and kept plugging along.

I stopped to use the roadside facilities and grab a drink, when a pick-up passed and backed up to me. The driver asked where I was headed and if I was okay, "East and yes." "Well throw your rig in the back and I'll get you to the next town so your not sleeping in the desert." Raised not to be rude I accepted the offer. Larry and I started talking and it wasn't long before he shared that he had lost his wife to cancer 7 years ago.(side note they were married 43 years, no lie) Thanks for the lift Larry.

This is becoming a reoccurring event, someone stopping to check on me, offering a ride and having lost a loved one to cancer. I could really do without the latter.

Larry dropped me at the town hall where he said I'd be able to find out about a place to sleep. The lady at the town hall mentioned that the local bed & breakfast would be my best bet. So once I had directions, I was on my way. Being a small town it wasn't long before I came across The Simpson Hotel.

I knocked on the door and was greeted with a smile by Deborah. I explained what I was doing in town and that I was in need of a room, "Well, welcome to the Simpson Hotel". She showed me my room and told me where to park the Switchback Hybrid. I brought some things in from the jogger before I headed out to explore town and grab a bite to eat. After returning and taking a shower, I went out to grab something from the jogger and found one of the goats checking it out. Yes, I said goat...curious about what might be in there, I guess.

Now I'm sitting, listening to the Celtics-Lakers game on ESPN radio on-line enjoying having a roof over my head again. Come on CELTICS!!!!!!

Today has been a good day to be me and I want to give a few "thank you"s out to some of the people that have made it that way. Again thanks to the Super 8, Larry, Deborah at the The Simpson Hotel. Also to the law offices of Horan Mclean & Horan for their generous donation, and to my cousin Caitlyn for all her help spreading the "word" of the walk.

While I'm thanking people, thank you to my family, my girlfriend Kelly, my friends, all my sponsors for all the love and support. Also to the three organizations we're trying to help, for letting us be part of trying to make a better tomorrow for people diagnosed and living with this terrible disease.

Tomorrow I will walk into New Mexico, my third state on the way home. Thanks for having me Arizona. It's been fun and I'll be back some day, probably driving though.

Day 29 total: 18
Jesse Walks America total: 521.4


Moe said...

I told you, you're never alone.It's awsome that there are still some good people out there.BE STRONG!'

MUM said...

I would like to thank all the Wonderful people who have helped Jesse.
And for all the prayers and good thoughts going his way.
I also share Jesse's feelings that it is so sad that this horrific disease has touched so many people.

Steven said...

another great day. thats awsome that some people still help each other out. cant wait to see all your pics.....be safe

savanaha said...

I want to let you know how honored I am to have been able to meet you yesterday morning. You are an inspiring person (and to think, this I gathered from such a brief conversation).
I admire immensely what you are doing and wish you only the best. I think I've told everyone I've spoken with since yesterday morning about your amazing journey. Thank you for allowing me to play a small part in your efforts.
I plan on keeping up with your travels by reading your blog and I hope you are met with only kindness and hospitality as you continue on.
If, in the future you happen upon our little town again, please know you are more than welcome at our motel and we would feel privileged to welcome you back.
Travel safely and stay well.
Savanaha Pederson
Super 8 Manager
Safford, AZ

Kristin said...

"It's good to have an end to journey toward: but it's the journey that matters, in the end." -Ursula K.LeGuin
Your journey will make a difference.To you, to our family. . .to complete strangers. It already has touched so many. Keep on keeping on. . .We love you!!! I continue to be awed and amazed by your selflessness. And I am overjoyed that there are still so many kindhearted strangers in this world.