2 coasts ... 1 HOPE

On January 6th 2009, I will be flying out to LA and walking back to Boston, raising money for cancer research. The route I'm taking should take 5 months and cover roughly 3,800 miles. We will be filming the entire trip for an upcoming documentary.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

Woke up today, at Ramey and Ben's, to some of the scariest clouds I've ever seen. The possibility of thunderstorms, snow showers and rain. The mountains I had to walk towards were not even visible. What do I do? Find a CouchSurf and bunk down for the day. Thankful, it wasn't hard and I'm back on the campus of NMSU at Jen's. Thank you Ramey and Ben for the hospitality.

Here's how the weather broke down - rain: nope ; snow showers: if 2 minutes equals a shower ; thunder: not a peep. What we did get was cloud cover and wind like crazy. The wind was blowing like the big, bad wolf "I'll huff and I'll puff and..." well you get the point, 30 mph gusts for like 5 hours.

Now the fun part. I had a sort of melt down today about the "walk". Do I keep going? Is anyone really paying attention?

The lack of press interest really has me baffled. I guess my delusions of grandeur before this walk started were true delusions. I thought everyone would be all over this because everyone seems to have a cancer story. WRONG! I can't even get a small town paper to write a blurb. This had me questioning everything. What can i do? How come things aren't the way I expected them to be?
"It's the first quarter of the big game and you want to toss up a hail Mary. I'd like to be pimps from Oakland or cowboys from Arizona, but it's not Halloween. Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula"

I DO have a cancer story and I don't want my kids to have one. So, I guess I'm gonna walk. I made a promise to a beautiful girl that I'd meet her in Fort Worth to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day and I don't lie to her.

I know the last few days have been kinda of boring for readers but the adventure is just getting started. If you leave now you might miss the good parts. Please stay tuned and donate to one of the organizations, so the only stories we tell have happy endings.

Day 34 total: 0
Jesse Walks America total: 521.4
Jesse Walks America total times I've wanted to go home today: 17
Jesse Walks America total times I went home today: 0


thislooksfamiliar said...

you're at the top of my rss feed. keep going. good luck from massachusetts.

Steven said...

im checking this several times a day Jesse. you know what you want to do, and you are getting it done. you have made a huge difference already. your right, the adventure is just getting started...its your path, hit it......HYL rpznt

Jack said...

Oh, the ragman draws circles
Up and down the block.
I'd ask him what the matter was
But I know that he don't talk.
And the ladies treat me kindly
And furnish me with tape,
But deep inside my heart
I know I can't escape.
Oh, Mama, can this really be the end,
To be stuck in Las Cruses
With the Fort Worth blues again.

John Cox said...


Skip Potts said...

Hey man, forget about the press, it will come and go and honestly it does very little towards your goal. Eventually you will come to find what I have, being someone who has been on a similar journey for sometime now, the way this journey touches and changes the lives of the people you meet is deeper and more important than any 45 second blurb on a national news program. This isn't your story, but it is a great story that everyone you meet has a part of, it is all of our stories even as readers and that is a gift you give by doing this.

The help for cancer will come from the actions of the people you meet and the way you have changed the world with dozens of ripples, not a tidal wave. It's hard, I went through the same thing, but stick with it, there is something great out there for you.


caitlyn said...

Come on Jesse, you can do it.
Just hang in there, everyone over here is rooting for you to finish this walk.

love you

caitlyn said...

hey Jess--is anyone paying attention--YES There are many people who love you,follow you, and are awed by what you are doing!!!!! I love you more than you can imagine!!!You keep the faith & continue whatever you need to do!!!! I'll talk to you soon---ALL my love, Linda

caitlyn said...

hey Jesse, I'm really proud of you walking this far and I have so much hope in you! I'm supporting you 100% on the way home! Your journey made me realize that anyone can do anything especially walking across America. You my #1 hero and i hope you will continue your amazing adventure and i want you to know that I'm spreading the word about you and guess what... I know Kelly's cousin, colleen and I love you with all my heart!

Love,Paige ♥

frank Lima said...

linda says-----Please call at any time. you have my cell phone # and I have it by my by side day & night. I love you!!!!